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Kitchen Socket Regulations UK

Kitchen Socket Regulations UK

Kitchen Socket Regulations UK are guidelines set by the NICEIC or the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. It is important to consider, in advance, where you will place the sockets so you are able to construct a safe and ergonomic kitchen working space.

Where should sockets be placed in a kitchen?

In the kitchen, sockets have to be placed at a safe distance from sinks. Ideally, they should be at least 30 cm horizontally from the sinks as this will prevent droplets from coming into contact with electricity.

How far does a socket need to be away from the hob?

Kitchen sockets should not be installed behind the hob. Instead, they should be placed at least 300 mm away from the hob. This distance should be measured horizontally from the top of the appliance.

What height do plug sockets need to be in the UK?

As a standard rule, plug sockets should be placed at least 150mm from the worktop surface. This distance is measured from the top of the surface to the bottom of the socket. When choosing the height for the plug sockets, you should also consider how you intend to finish the wall. For example, if you intend to add tiles, the sockets may need to be placed higher so that they are in line with the tiles.

Can I do electrical work in my kitchen?

Kitchens are a risky location for electrical work, and for this reason it is advisable to hire a contractor who is registered with a Competent Persons Scheme such as the NICEIC, which assesses and certifies contractors working across the building services sectors. For most electrical works, you will be required to notify Building Control, and DIY jobs can be restricted, depending on the nature of the electrical work.

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