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About Us

Buildsafe is an independent provider of Structural Warranties (Latent Defects Insurance). We are a client-led team of experts who take the stress out of searching for building warranty products by offering an independent, clear view on the market.

We provide a range of insurance solutions that allow a property developer to overcome a number of hurdles for projects such as releasing and utilising deposits (Loss of Deposit Cover).

Our Consultants specialise in finding bespoke solutions for your project needs and work to provide the best independent advice possible. We regularly work with developers on project values ranging from £200,000 to £100,000,000, and our team have a wealth of experience in all types of development projects.

The Team

Giles Fallan

Managing Director

Antoni Kaminski

Head of London Broking

Daisy Neall

Senior Broker

Wahida Benuis

Senior Broker Support

Ellie Farrell

Senior Broker

Jack Bristow


Charles Wilson

Head of Manchester Office

Johnny Leadsom

Senior Broker

Maia McKeown

Broker Support

Jamie Milne

Senior Broker

Henry South

Head of Construction Insurance

Leah Bray

Head of H.R & Operations

Freddie Kindon

Senior Broker

Lucie Fallan

Broker Support

Tomek Stabrawa

Senior Broker

Jack Richards

Business Development Executive

Ollie Flood

Business Development Executive

Bee Stillman-Jones


Alex Limpenny


Hatty Parry

Broker Support

Matthew Blackhall