Conversion Warranty

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Conversion Warranty

Building Conversion Warranty

Structural Warranties for conversions and refurbishments are important to protect against latent defects that may occur within the structure of a newly converted project.

If the development is to be converted for residential use, the majority of mortgage lenders who will insist that a recognised Structural Warranty is in place for each new build property. Banks and building societies will often not provide mortgages until a Structural Warranty has been provided by the developer.

Barn Conversion Warranty

Barn Conversion Warranties are a 10-year Structural Warranty that have been designed specifically for use on barn conversion project. Recent developments in the insurance market mean that many Structural Warranty providers will no longer offer cover on Barn Conversion projects, and sometimes an alternative product might be more suitable. It is important to engage with an expert consultant such as Buildsafe when engaging in Barn Conversion projects to make sure that you project is insured correctly.

We can provide cover on a Barn Conversion project where a receiver is involved or where the project has a high reinstatement value or is being built as an investment only.

There have been occasions where we have recommended a Professional Consultant’s Certificate as a more suitable solution for a barn conversion. Read our blog for more information.

Benefits of Conversion Warranty:
  • Recognised by Council of Mortgage Lenders
  • Accepted by all High street lenders
  • 10-year insurance against major structural damage