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Contractors All Risk Insurance

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Contractors All Risk Insurance

If you are a contractor / subby you should have Professional Indemnity Insurance & Public Liability. These will cover against negligence and accidental injury to the public. If you employ anyone you must also have employer’s liability cover.

This type of insurance (also known as Contract Works, contractors risk or Site Insurance) provides protection for building works as they progress. It can also be extended to include cover for hired in plant, tools and equipment. The price of our CAR insurance depends on the amount of cover you choose, and whether you need insurance for specific industries. In the event you require additional cover for particular jobs, give us a call, and we would be happy to arrange the cover required.

Although Contractors all Insurance and Contract Works are often used interchangeably – they couldn’t be more different! Builders and property developers need to be aware of the differences to avoid possible non-coverage.

Contractors All Risk vs Contract Works Insurance

Contract works cover covers the actual work that has been done prior to it being completed. For example, if the property burnt down through no fault of the builder or contractors, a contract works policy would pay for the work that had been done to be reinstated, including all materials required to reinstate.

Contractors All Risk incorporates the full suite of covers and can include the Contract Works Insurance as well as public liability, employer’s liability, hired-in equipment, contractor’s own equipment and various other extensions that may be required.

What is Contractors All Risk Insurance?

Construction All Risk Insurance is considered the single most inclusive insurance policy for those in the construction sector. It incorporates a full suite of covers that a contractor or property developer may require. It can include the Contract Works Insurance as well as public liability, employer’s liability, hired-in equipment, contractor’s own equipment and various other extensions that may be required.

Who is CAR for?

This type of insurance is ordinarily suitable for Contractors, Developers or similar Tradesmen within the construction industry who are looking to protect any ongoing works and/or their equipment.

What is covered under Contractors All Risk?

Contractors All Risks insurance can comprise of several different covers including Contract Works, Hired-in-Plant and Own Plant & Tools. This policy is usually provided on an annual basis and provides protection for individual construction contracts, including:

  • Contract works
  • Own plant and tools
  • Hired in plant
  • Temporary buildings
  • Showhome contents
  • Employee tools
  • Architects drawings
  • Property awaiting sale.

How do I obtain a construction all insurance quote?

  1. Complete our online enquiry form on
  2. We provide the best quotes available in the market by comparing quotes from Construction All Risk providers
  3. We will help you go through every policy and advise you on the most suitable one

What other policies should I consider?

To ensure maximum coverage, you may also want to consider:

Why Choose BuildSafe for your Construction All Risk Insurance?

Our experts have over 40 years’ experience in the property sector so you can be assured that we will handle your construction all risk insurance with good care.

Our service manages to take care of the entire process enabling you to focus on the day to day running of your project. Obtaining a Contractors All Risk policy can be an arduous process with lots of form filling, additional questions from insurers and time spent chasing an actual quote.

We take away that pain by managing the process for you and ensuring you receive the best price for the most appropriate cover to meet your requirements whilst having an easy to reach team of experts on hand at all time.

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