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The boring bit.. What you need to know

Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance is essential if you are a contractor / subby, as you should have Professional Indemnity Insurance & Public Liability. These will cover against negligence and accidental injury to the public. If you employ anyone you must also have employer’s liability cover.

Tradesman insurance is a policy designed to provide a safety net for you, from customer claims or from members of the public. Given the nature of the industry you work in there’s always a chance that something unintended may happen. That is why getting tradesman insurance cover from BuildSafe will allow you to stay open for business at all costs.

Tradesman insurance is applicable to tradesman who are professionals in their area of work who are over the age of 16. It is likely that they will either be working on their client’s homes, their own homes, or outside.

What is included in tradesman insurance cover?

The level of cover you opt for is up to you, it will depend on a range of different variables specific to the work you do. Shown below are the different types of cover you can include:

  • Owned Plant, Hired-in Plant, and Tools Cover
  • Site Insurance
  • Personal accident
  • Professional indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Legal Expenses
  • Contractors works

You don’t have to buy everything, you can pick and choose.

Do I require tradesman insurance?

If you have a business in the tradesman industry then you are legally obliged to have insurance….

How the process of securing tradesman insurance works?

  1. Plug in your details into our online form (hyperlink)
  2. Evaluate the range of quotes from a range of insurers provided – choose the quote that suits you the most
  3. Select the quote and purchase online in minutes
  4. Receive your documents online
  5. You are covered!

Do I require tradesman insurance?

Ensuring that you have the right level of tradesman insurance will be critical to whether you have to end up covering the cost of an incident that happens or whether you are illegible to gain cover for the incident….

How much does tradesman insurance cost?

The cost you will have to pay to have cover will vary depending on the size of the business, the type of cover you require and the type of work that is carried out. The best thing to do would be to take a minute or two to fill in the online form so that you can evaluate the different insurance options for yourself, compare the quotes and what is included. Doing this is free of charge until you go through with the purchase for the quote of your choice.

The key types of tradesman insurance that we can offer you:

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for tradesman is essential if you wish to have cover for third party injuries or property damage. It can cover legal expenses or compensation claims that your business may not otherwise be able to finance. Typically public liability insurance covers:

  • Any damage you cause to the property you are working on
  • Injuries that occur as a result of your work
  • Damage or injuries caused by your employees (if there are any)

Employer’s liability insurance

Employer’s liability insurance is an essential insurance cover your business will legally require if you have a business that employs one or more individuals. This type of cover will protect you and your business when an employee become ill or injured as a result of the work they are doing for your business. If you are caught without cover for your employees then your business could be fined up to £2,500 per employee per day.

Tools cover

For those working in the construction industry getting tool insurance is highly recommended. It allows you to have financial protection against either damage to you tools or theft. We offer varying levels of cover depending on what best suits your business.

  • Business equipment
  • Business stock
  • Contract works

Who is exempt from employers’ liability?

  • Certain limited companies – a limited company with a single employee but has to have more than a 50% share of the company.
  • Sole traders – for those who work on their own with no other employees
  • Family members – if all employees of the company are family members
  • Public bodies – often health services, government bodies and public organisations have alternative styles of insurance

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