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Landscaping Insurance

Landscaping insurance is one of the best ways to enjoy complete peace of mind that should an accident occur at work, or should something not quite go as planned, you and your business are financially protected from any claims that may arise. From injuries and damage to property loss and theft, landscaping insurance is here to help you out.

Landscaping insurance is applicable to any sole trader or limited company working within the domestic or commercial gardening and landscaping industries, including:

  • Garden design & landscape architecture
  • Gardening services
  • Landscape gardening
  • Tree surgery
  • Lawn mowing
  • Turf & Artificial turf

What does landscaping insurance cover?

Many landscaping insurance packages will usually include:

Public liability insurance: This means that financial protection is in place if your client or a member of the public is injured or suffers a loss of property due to your work. For example, a client could trip over a lawnmower cable and injure themselves, or a stone might fly into a neighbours garden, damaging furniture.

Professional indemnity insurance: This means that financial protection is in place should a client be unhappy with the work you provide. Depending on your level of coverage, it may help to cover claims, and offer financial assistance to cover materials costs should any remedial works be required to resolve the situation.

Tools cover may not be included as standard, but is an added extra that’s worth looking into if you rely on lawn mowers, leaf blowers, or any other equipment that can be costly to replace should it be damaged, stop working, or be stolen from storage.

Personal injury is another policy worth considering. This provides help with any medical bills or loss of earnings incurred if you are injured on the job, such as suffering an injury from a falling tree branch. This level of coverage can be added to your policy.

Do I need landscaping insurance?

By law, you will be required to have an employer’s liability policy in place if your business employs one or more people. This covers you if an employee is injured at work – or suffers damage or loss of property as a result of your work. However, other policies, including public liability and professional indemnity insurance, are optional. Many landscapers and gardeners do opt for these policies for the peace of mind.

How the process of securing landscaping insurance works?

  1. Research: Use resources like TrustPilot to review insurers offering landscaping policies. Buildsafe are proud to hold a 4.8/5 rating
  2. Compare: Visit individual insurer websites to obtain and compare tailored quotes
  3. Decide: Choose a landscaping insurance policy that best meets your own needs
  4. Customise: Add on any additional coverage such as tools cover
  5. Relax: You’re covered, and your business and livelihood are protected

Do I require landscaping insurance?

Wherever there is a risk of injury or property damage to a client or to the public, it is always advised that tradesmen working across any sector have the appropriate insurance. For landscapers working with heavy paving slabs, large trees, and often in adverse weather conditions, it’s important to know you are protected against claims.

Insurance for gardeners is becoming even more important as homeowners invest more and more in their outdoor spaces. It’s reported that the average garden now contains nearly £1500 worth of items, so replacing any you accidentally damage can be costly.

How much does landscaping insurance cost?

Landscaping insurance premiums will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your insurer
  • Your claims history
  • The type of business you operate
  • Where you work and the type of work you carry out
  • The types of policies you need
  • The level of coverage and excess you require

Compare quotes from leading insurers to find the best costs for you. 

Why choose Buildsafe?

At BuildSafe, we see our role as an independent advisor, who reviews the merits of each policy to help you make well-informed comparisons. We also save you time in procuring quotes, analysing and comparing quotes, and negotiating the commercials.

The procurement of quotations is a time-consuming process. From form filling, providing documentation, chasing, reviewing and comparing terms, negotiating and finalising; we take the weight out of all of this for our clients allowing you to focus on actually developing your business.

Will I be paying more as you are a broker?

No. Our business is built on retention and referrals. It is essential to state that the insurer will release the same terms to us, as they would to you directly. We are able to use our position within the market to gain leverage with providers. This means we can generally gain more favourable terms than the market price and often help our clients save as much as 30%. We are paid by the insurer for introducing the business to them and this cost is included in the price quoted.