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Contract Works Insurance

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Contract Works Insurance

Contract works insurance, in its simplest form, covers all work being carried out on a site. This policy offers protection from various unforeseen mishaps, including fire, flood, storm, vandalism, and theft.

What does contract works cover?

The property covered by a contract works insurance policy includes:

  • The work in progress
  • The building materials used in the project
  • Your plant, machinery, tools and equipment
  • Any temporary buildings
  • Any hired-in property

Why do I need contract works insurance?

Contract works insurance covers the actual work that has been done prior to it being completed. For example, if the property burnt down through no fault of the builder or contractors, a contract works policy would pay for the work that had been done to be reinstated, including all materials required to reinstate.

Who is Contract Works cover for?

This type of insurance is applicable for anybody in the construction industry that is involved in new work and wishes to insure the work in progress as well as the materials and fittings. This includes but is not limited to general builders, building contractors, property developers, and electricians. It also includes cover for carpenters and joiners, as well as floor and wall tilers.

What other construction insurance policies should I consider?

To ensure maximum coverage, you may also want to consider:

Why Choose BuildSafe for your Contractors Work insurance?

Our experts have over 40 years’ of experience in the property sector so you can be assured that we will handle your construction all risk insurance with good care.

It’s important to keep your investment and project safe from environmental factors out of your control. No one can predict what can happen during a build or development project.

Our service manages the entire process enabling you to focus on the day to day running of your project. Obtaining contractors work insurance can be an arduous process with lots of form filling, additional questions from insurers and time spent chasing an actual contract works quote. We take away that pain by managing the process for you and ensuring you receive the best price for the most appropriate cover to meet your requirements whilst having an easy to reach team of experts on hand at all times.

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