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Building Regulations Application – What is it and how to apply

Building Regulations Application – What is it and how to apply

In the UK, contractors are expected to observe certain standards in the design and construction of buildings. This is designed to ensure the safety and health of people living in and around the house. To make sure contractors adhere to these standards, the UK government requires them to apply for building regulations approval. In this guide, we will look at everything you need to know about building regulations applications.

What is a building regulations application?

Before you start building a house, you will have to get a permit that shows that you are following the regulations of the government. This is granted in the form of building regulations permits. It is important to remember that this permit only covers the design and construction of the house. A planning permit is different and is meant to regulate the development and use of the land.

How long does a building regulations application take?

Building regulations applications come in three different types. These include full plans, building notices, or regularisations. Full plans are thorough, and you will get a response within 5 weeks to 2 months. With building notices, you will not get formal approval and can start working on the project in two days. Building notices are only accepted if the project is very small. Regularisation is the retrospective approval of construction works that were completed without government consent. They simply indicate that your project complies with the building regulations of the UK.

Can I apply for building regulations myself?

Yes, you can apply for building regulations yourself, and this can be done by filling in the online application at the Planning Portal of Building Control applications for England and Wales. You can also get approval from your council, and this can either be done online or offline. If you don’t want to visit the council offices, you can download the application form online and send it via email. In some cases, you can make the application using a phone call.

What is needed for building control applications?

When making the building control application, you will have to submit two copies of the detailed building plan, and these must include the following:

• A structure of the property
• Cross-sections that have information on the construction
• Block plans that indicate the location of the house
• Information on drainage
• An assessment of the fire risk

You will also need to pay a fee for the application, and this amount will depend on the following factors:

• The total area of the floor
• The type of work that will be performed
• The number of houses in the building

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