Building safety case report: what’s included?

From October 2023, building safety case reports will be a mandatory requirement under the Building Safety Act.

If you build, convert, or own a residential structure that is over seven floors or 18 metres (whichever is lesser), to comply with the Building Safety Act, the Principal Accountable Person will be legally required to complete a safety case report.

Read on as we help you understand what this report is and how it fits into the broader Building Safety Act.

Building safety case report, what is it?

The safety case report must document an evaluation of all building safety risks and all appropriate measures that have been or will be implemented to address these. It’s a vital document that will form part of the golden thread of information required by the Building Safety Act 2022.

The case report requires detail, providing an in-depth understanding of a building’s safety measures to ensure resident safety and mitigate potential risks.

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Risk assessment: Protecting lives and properties

The risk assessment part of the building safety case report evaluates and mitigates potential risks linked with fire safety and other hazards. It scrutinises the building’s design, construction, and fire safety measures.

Comprehensive risk assessments should be carried out, identifying vulnerabilities, and practical recommendations made to enhance safety standards.

Everything from the efficiency of fire suppression systems to evacuation procedures should be meticulously examined. Professionals will need to attend your project site, look at relative documents, and ensure you have addressed any fire safety risks identified in the report.

Structural defects assessment: durability and safety

The structural defects assessment element of the safety report identifies any existing or potential issues that may threaten the building’s structural integrity. This involves a meticulous review of construction techniques, materials used, and adherence to building regulations.

An expert team should conduct thorough structural inspections to identify any deficiencies that may need attention.

At BuildSafe, we understand the importance of a structurally sound building. Our industry partners collaborate to identify and rectify any defects, ensuring the long-term safety and durability of the structure.

In addressing these issues promptly and effectively, you can provide peace of mind to residents and protect your property’s value. Once we’ve made all those checks and everything is compliant, we’ll ensure it’s all confirmed in the building safety case report.

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Why choose BuildSafe?

Expert guidance

As a specialist consultancy for building warranty insurance, we’re known for our unbiased advice and comprehensive market comparisons to ensure you get the best building warranty that suits your unique requirements.

But we go further. Our team works with industry professionals to ensure your compliance is documented in the building safety case report. It is, after all, in our interests to ensure that you’re fully compliant before we arrange a warranty that suits you.

Let us do the heavy lifting

With the deadline for mandatory building safety case reports looming, it is critical to take proactive steps to ensure compliance. Non-compliance with the Building Safety Act can result in serious consequences, including legal and financial implications.

Don't let the Building Safety Act's complexities overwhelm you. Let us guide you through the process. Using our knowledge, experience, and commitment to your safety, we will ensure you meet all obligations in creating and documenting a secure structure.

Tailored Solutions

Every project is unique. That's why we work closely with you to find bespoke solutions that match your specific needs. This report is not simply a checklist, it needs to go into real depth about how you are protecting the safety of the building and its inhabitants.

Peace of mind

Partnering with BuildSafe means you can trust in the quality and compliance of your building safety case report. We prioritise your safety and investment protection, ensuring you meet all necessary obligations while maintaining the highest standards of building safety.

Take the first step toward compliance and peace of mind. Trust BuildSafe to be your partner in building safety compliance.

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