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Matt’s chartered course to consultant

Matt’s chartered course to consultant

Matt Percival has been with BuildSafe as a consultant for two years now, providing tailored construction insurance to match unique client needs.

Following a BTEC in Construction Management, Matt took up a role within the Technical Services team at a renowned Structural Warranty provider. This role provided him with the chance to deeply understand building defects and their insurance implications. Whilst performing that role, Matt also achieved an HNC in Construction Management.

Matt has also achieved Chartered status after undertaking examinations via the Chartered Institute of Insurance. This investment in professional development ensures that he is proficient in construction intricacies and insurance standards, assuring clients of comprehensive advice.

In-depth construction and building knowledge

Matt’s immersion in the construction sector has equipped him with a fine grasp of defect prevention. His exposure to this field goes beyond just surface-level problem identification; dives beyond surface-level issues to uncover their origins.

With Matt on their side, our clients receive advice that isn’t generic but crafted distinctly for their project’s specific requirements and offer clients proactive solutions.

Matt’s blend of theoretical knowledge with practical insight ensures a 360-degree view of every project. From its conceptual phase to its fruition, he can understand the insurance needs and tailor solutions that cater to the specifics.

Understanding the sector, delivering the best cover

Matt says that every day at BuildSafe sees him talking to a lot of professionals – architects, engineers, and project managers – and that his technical background helps him understand their challenges.

This added perspective means clients don’t just get the usual broker experience. They’re working alongside someone who truly gets the nuts and bolts of the construction world. Matt prides himself on breaking down complex warranty details into easy-to-understand actions. It’s all about making a project’s journey smoother and keeping managers in the loop, so they don’t feel like a bystander to the process.

For Matt, the Chartered Institute of Insurance certification is a promise of quality. When companies look for the best warranty quote and they see that chartered status, it’s like a seal of assurance. Firms from across the construction sector know they’re getting advice that’s backed by a solid foundation of knowledge.


Proven problem-solving and adaptability

Matt’s professional journey is punctuated with instances where his problem-solving skills were put to the test, and time and again, he’s risen to the occasion.

For a very reputable main contractor based in East Anglia, Matt wasn’t just tasked with finding an insurance solution. The challenge was multifold: the solution had to align with A-Rating standards and concurrently appease a housing association with very specific demands. Matt’s methodical approach, a fusion of client understanding and industry insights, resulted in a solution that not only met but surpassed the given benchmarks.

Matt’s adaptability is evident when faced with unexpected challenges. A notable example involved a large developer based in the Channel Islands. Their insurer had chosen no longer to cover projects in that area, citing concerns mainly around surveyor availability. The developer had two residential schemes underway, each with build costs in the tens of millions.

Understanding the imperative of having a warranty widely accepted by UK finance for residential development, Matt stepped in. He sourced alternative terms from A-rated providers, ensuring the projects wouldn’t be left unprotected. Such endeavours not only underscore Matt’s expertise but also reflect BuildSafe’s problem-solving ethos.

Serving unique client needs

As Matt continues his work with us, clients don’t just get insurance. They have a reliable partner, ready to help with any challenges that arise.

Matt comments: “I have enjoyed every minute of my time here at BuildSafe. Yes, there are challenges, but that’s the reason we’re here as consultants. We don’t give up and resign ourselves to a generic solution as other companies may do.”

“We work hard to find the insurance coverage that really suits a client’s specifics. My academic study and membership of the CII has bolstered my ability to do just that: provide excellent construction insurance tailored to clients’ unique demands.”

Get in touch with Matt to chat about a project or arrange export advice by telephoning 0204 5132 934 or e-mailing You can also check out Matt’s profile on LinkedIn.

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