Make your money go further: Finance your next warranty

  • Would the ability to spread the cost of your building warranty payments over the course of your project smooth out your cash flow?
  • Are you buying all the coverage you need? Or are your decisions related to your warranty needs limited to what you can afford to buy?
  • Are there multiple demands on your project’s cash flow that you will have to juggle alongside one or two large insurance premium payments?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, BuildSafe’s Premium Finance facility can help project owners free up cash flow and capital.



Smoothing out cash flow rough spots:
With the help of our premium finance facility, developers and project owners can secure their building warranties without triggering disruptive cash flow issues. This facility enables you to secure a building warranty with just 20% of the deposit. The example below highlights how premium finance can be a convenient and cash-flow friendly solution to pay for your building warranty:
Warranty cost: £25,000
Deposit amount: £5,000
10 monthly instalments of £2,080 (at an interest rate of 4%)*
Total repayable: £20,800  (*This example is for illustrative purposes only)

Customized Payment Options:
This unique finance facility allows for financing 80% of the warranty payment up to a period of 12 months IE you can now secure a building warranty with an upfront deposit of just 20% and a monthly repayment schedule for as many as 12 months (depending upon the build period).

Free up capital and preserve borrowing capacity: 
BuildSafe’s Premium Finance facility is a low-cost alternative that enhances the organization’s borrowing capacity without tying up existing credit facilities or sources of funding. Currently, developers are finding their development finance facilities, where the gearing is in excess of 50% (LTGDV), cost on average, between 6 and 8%. By financing the warranty through our funding line, clients benefit from a fixed rate of 4% with only a 20% deposit.


Next Steps

Savvy developers, project owners and contractors managing major construction and development projects understand that need for a structural warranty and how crucial it is to protect a project.

As projects grow ever larger, all the risks that come with any construction project are multiplied — as is the amount of money needed to secure adequate insurance coverage.

Consider talking to your broker about our premium finance facility on 020 3071 0422. Alternatively, fill in the enquiry form below, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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