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Five reasons to secure warranty before construction

Five reasons to secure warranty before construction

Imagine the thrill of starting a dream self-build or renovation project. The team is ready, blueprints have come alive, and the vision of a finished home is on the horizon.

But, have you considered the potential pitfalls that could disrupt your project’s flow? The unseen setbacks that may derail your plans? This is precisely where building warranty comes in, and with BuildSafe, we ensure your journey remains as seamless and secure as possible.

Building warranty isn’t merely a necessary document; it’s a robust safety net, a financial protection plan, and a promise of quality. It accompanies you on your journey, providing essential coverage for 10-12 years after project completion against substandard materials, poor workmanship, and unexpected defects.

Pre-emptively acquiring a warranty before initiating your project is far from a ‘nice-to-have’; it is essential, and here are the detailed reasons why…

1. Comprehensive coverage

A building warranty provides extensive protection over a building’s lifecycle.

Imagine a scenario where defective materials are discovered midway through a build, or workmanship issues are uncovered post-completion. Such situations are not only stressful but can also lead to significant financial strain.

Fortunately, a warranty takes care of these potential problems. It extends comprehensive coverage against such risks, offering peace of mind, so your focus remains undeterred – to see your project materialise.

Warranty isn’t just a protective shield, but also a tool for facilitating your project’s progress. It ensures your journey isn’t hindered by unprecedented hiccups, fostering smoother transitions between various project phases. If an issue arises, rest assured, your warranty will be there to cover the resolution, mitigating any project delays or added expenses.

2. Find finance

Building warranty becomes particularly indispensable if you’re seeking finance for your project.

Most mortgage lenders demand that structural warranty be in place before they release funds. It’s an assurance that their investment will be shielded against potential pitfalls. So, building warranty becomes more than just a protective measure; it’s a prerequisite to unlock the door to necessary finance.

Don’t look at warranty as just an auxiliary document, but a critical component of your project’s finance strategy. It not only satisfies lenders’ requirements but also assures them of the project’s integrity. This can expedite the loan approval process, ensuring you receive the required funds on time and your project proceeds as planned.

3. A safety net

Warranties extend beyond being just a financial protection tool. They also provide reassurance during stressful periods, acting as a buffer against project disruption. It ensures that your journey towards your dream home continues unhindered, even amidst potential industry uncertainties.

4. A monetary shield

While warranty might initially seem like an added expenditure, it is a prudent investment. Weigh it against the potential financial repercussions of significant structural defects discovered post-completion. Without a warranty, the costs to rectify such defects can be high.

Warranty acts as a monetary shield against such unforeseen expenses. It turns a potentially huge, unexpected outlay into a planned, manageable cost. Warranty is akin to an investment in your project’s long-term financial health, safeguarding you from unforeseen future expenses.

5. Smooth selling

The benefits of warranty extend to future potential owners. If you decide to sell your property within the warranty period, this assurance can significantly enhance your property’s value.

It acts as an attractive selling point for prospective buyers, offering reassurance that their potential new home is protected against latent defects.

Importantly, it also enables a smoother selling process. A warranty increases the attractiveness of your property to potential buyers and can lead to faster sale transactions. It provides peace of mind to buyers, helping you to make a quicker, more profitable sale.

We think it’s prudent that your warranty is in place before your project begins. Securing it early ensures you can start benefiting from its comprehensive protection right from the outset.

However, at BuildSafe, we understand that plans may go awry. That’s why we also offer retrospective warranties, providing a safety net even if your project has already begun.

Make it happen with BuildSafe

Don’t let the intricacies of structural warranty insurance become a roadblock in your path. At BuildSafe, we’re equipped with a dedicated team of professionals ready to guide you through every step of the process.

We’re committed to alleviating your burden during the warranty acquisition phase, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our consistent and trustworthy service goes beyond immediate needs, ensuring enduring peace and security for all your projects. With BuildSafe, you’ll enjoy the dual benefits of immediate relief and long-term protection.

Speak to BuildSafe today for a bespoke structural warranty plan that covers you whatever the project.

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