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Five key questions to consider when choosing your warranty provider

Five key questions to consider when choosing your warranty provider

Selecting a reliable warranty provider is as crucial as the foundation upon which you construct. As you explore your options, questions arise, demanding clarity and confidence before you make a decision.

We’ve set out five key questions to pose when considering a warranty provider.

1.    What experience do you have in the construction insurance sector?

Experience isn’t just the time you’ve been in business, it’s about how much wisdom and understanding about the sector a company has accumulated. The construction insurance sector is vast and varied, with each project presenting its unique challenges, needs, and opportunities.

Your chosen partner requires an in-depth understanding of the minutiae, and a hands-on approach, developed over years of active involvement.

BuildSafe stands out in this respect. With over 40 years in the property sector, our legacy isn’t just about longevity; it’s about a long list of successful projects, challenges overcome, and consistently satisfied clients. As the largest specialist provider of Building Warranties, our team of qualified experts bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge to the table.

2.    How do you navigate warranty provider options to get the best fit for my needs?

With so many options, clauses, and conditions, it really can be daunting going it alone when looking for the right construction insurance.

Look for a firm whose role extends beyond just presenting a range of options. Choose a provider that can dissect, analyse, and assess policies in order to recommend the ones that serve their clients best. This requires a fine balance of expertise, thorough market knowledge, and a deep understanding of client needs.

Don’t settle for a team that only skims the surface. Your consultant should look into the complexities of each warranty option, analysing its pros and cons, matching it against your unique requirements. Independence blended with experience creates professionals unfettered by any obligations to specific warranty providers, whose foremost allegiance is to your best interests.

3.    Is your consultant regulated by financial institutions and industry bodies?

Regulatory compliance is essential for any adviser in the financial sector. Firms regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) operate under ethical guidelines, client protection measures, and contribute to market stability. BuildSafe has gained this key FSA approval, adding a layer of assurance for clients.

Working with a regulated adviser indicates a commitment to ethical conduct and transparency. Firms under FSA oversight must meet rigorous operational guidelines, safeguarding stakeholder interests.

Should an adviser lack such regulation, challenges could arise affecting clients and the broader financial landscape. Risks could include conflicts of interest, unclear practices, and delays in construction projects, potentially causing financial and legal setbacks. Hence, choosing an adviser that operates within a regulated framework is vital.

BuildSafe is also accredited by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, reinforcing its commitment to high professional standards.

4.   How do you support clients throughout the warranty process?

The journey of securing a building warranty involves intricate processes, guidelines, and decisions. It’s not just about obtaining a document; it’s about ensuring the entire journey is seamless, informed, and supportive.

As a client explores the world of warranties, questions may arise, uncertainties may loom, and decisions may become difficult. It’s at these junctures that the true expertise of a warranty provider is tested. Is the provider simply a facilitator of a transaction, or is it a partner who will help get your project protected through thick and thin?

The foundation of BuildSafe’s service ethos is the understanding that the warranty process is not a linear path but a multifaceted journey. From the outset, you have a single point of contact whose approach is rooted in partnership. Experts with both construction and underwriting knowledge demystify the nuances, saving you time in getting coverage that aligns with your unique project needs.

4.    Can your services increase business efficiency?

As a builder or developer, you’ll know that without efficiency you’re just playing in a sandbox with a plastic spade. You have to be agile, competitive, and ahead of the curve. That accepted, it’s no wonder that warranty procurement can syphon away precious time and resources from your primary focus.

BuildSafe is a name synonymous with streamlining and enhancing efficiency. The BuildSafe team’s approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the challenges businesses like yours face.

At the very outset, the oft-dreaded phase of form filling—typically viewed as a bureaucratic maze—is simplified and expedited. BuildSafe’s tailored processes and expert guidance ensure that clients are not left grappling with paperwork, but are guided through it.

Your provider should oversee the entire warranty journey through construction, crucial inspections, and the issue of those essential final certificates. For example, thanks to BuildSafe’s position within the sector, they can generally get better terms than the market price and save clients as much as 30%.

In an industry where choices abound, insight and expertise are paramount. Find a consultant who can answer these key questions and substantiate their response with a proven track record in excellence. With the right professionals on your side, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your construction project has the perfect insurance cover to satisfy its unique demands.

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