Barn Conversions & Building warranties – How difficult can it be ….

Barn Conversions & Building warranties – How difficult can it be ….

Any developer about to undertake a project involving the conversion of a barn needs to consider the cost for and difficulty in obtaining a Building Warranty (Latent defect insurance).

There has been a quantum shift in the risk assessment for this type of development, the majority of insurers have recently made the decision not to offer cover for barns.

However it’s not all bad news out of the big six (Insurers) two will still offer cover but they need to collate a large amount of  information from you and it can take weeks to just get an indication of cost. As an example of their reluctance to insure barns one of the providers will not insure a barn if livestock has kept in it in recent years.

In order to ensure the best price for a warranty on a barn conversion make sure that you take the warranty out before you start any work on the conversion, and make sure you have at the very least the list of information below

A detailed Site Plan – showing the Site as a whole and its location and levels if it is on slopes.

Photographic Evidence – Colour photos, both external and internal, showing all sides of the building, outbuilding, garages and any unusual features.

Structural Report – Please provide a Detailed Report (not just a condition survey) from a suitably qualified Professional (Building Surveyor / Structural Engineer) detailing the condition of the structure and its suitability for conversion.

Detailed Plans – We will require a full set of Plans and Specification of works to be undertaken in respect of:

Waterproof Envelope (existing materials and those proposed to be used)

Detail of proposed Tanking, Damp Proof Membrane and Damp Proof Course

Ground Investigation Report (including soil strength tests and contamination tests)

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Our ethos is based around outstanding customer service. Obtaining a structural warranty can be an arduous process with lots of form filling, additional questions from insurers and time spent chasing an actual quote. We take away that pain by managing the process for you and ensuring you receive the best price for the most appropriate cover to meet your requirements.

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